Mission and Goals

Board of Trustees Policy


Mission, Philosophy, and Goals

February 2012
February 2004, July 2007

Mission and Philosophy

Montgomery County Community College is a place where the future is created, a place where desire and knowledge are combined to yield opportunity. The College is a reflection and a response to the needs and aspirations of those who live, work, and conduct business in Montgomery County and beyond. Grounded in a set of values that teach us to encourage, listen, respect, and treat fairly those whom we serve, those with whom we work, and those who work with us in service, the College strives to ensure that all residents of Montgomery County have access to the highest quality and most affordable higher education possible. Most importantly, the College is dedicated to fostering the growth and success of all we serve.

The College believes that learning is a lifelong activity requiring constant adaptation of programs, courses, and learning support services to reflect social, technological, and workforce changes and to ensure that all learners reach their unique goals.

Believing in the right of everyone to have access to a quality education, to workforce training, to opportunities for personal and professional growth, and to culture and recreation, the College translates the values of its community and reaches out to it, inviting involvement, offering learning, and fostering understanding.

As part of its role in the greater community, the College serves these vital functions.

  • It provides quality associate degree, certificate, and continuing education programs that lead to transfer, employment and/or personal enrichment;
  • It extends the reach of its programs and services, and thus educational opportunity, to meet the learning needs of those who can not readily access collegiate educational opportunities because of academic, physical, economic, cultural, or geographic boundaries;
  • It links with leaders of the region's businesses and industries to assist in developing a vital, current, and educated workforce;
  • It serves as a cultural and recreational destination, presenting opportunities for area residents to attend activities that feature stimulating and popular entertainment and ideas;
  • And, acting as a significant element in a larger regional learning community, the College works with K-12 and university teachers, leaders, and learners to ensure a seamless and successful transition from high school, to the associate degree, to the baccalaureate degree, and beyond.

It is through its role as one institution with one set of shared values and principles, yet with multiple physical and virtual points of access that the College works to define itself.

Evaluation of Mission Achievement

The College views education as a dynamic process that brings to the community a diverse, constantly changing set of learning opportunities; opportunities that grow, change, transform and multiply as the community and our learners confront and react to ever present change. Thus, to fully meet our mission, the College participates in on-going self-assessment and review in order to enhance and improve instructional programs and services to students and the county we serve.


The six strategic issues are the foundation for our strategic plan to 2016.

  • Increase Student Access and Success
    Strategic Goal: Develop multiple pathways for entry to reduce barriers to enrollment, ensure seamless student transitions ( from high school to college, from non-credit to credit, from college to transfer, from college to career, from career to college) and improve student academic achievement and goal attainment.
  • Build Curricular Relevance, Innovation in Delivery and Supportive Faculty Development Systems
    Strategic Goal: Create an environment to support faculty innovation to develop distinctive curricular offerings delivered in flexible and stackable formats that meet current and future societal and workforce needs and that lead to successful student academic achievement and goal attainment.
  • Develop an Engaged Community
    Strategic Goal: Design connections between students, faculty, the College and the community that support student learning and academic achievement and that benefit community revitalization and renewal.
  • Create a Sense of Place to Support Learning
    Strategic Goal: Create a learning and working environment that is sustainable, welcoming, safe, and dynamic irrespective of location (physical and virtual) that leads to improved student success and community engagement.
  • Adopt an Entrepreneurial Approach
    Strategic Goal: Adopt creative funding models and organizational practices that increase our ability to sustain and meet current and future institutional priorities.
  • Create a High Performance Culture
    Strategic Goal: Develop a culture with systems and processes that nurture creativity and innovation, lead to continuous improvement, and reward high performance to meet the College's access and success goals.