Meet the Class of 2016: El Salvador Native Heads to Bucknell University

Regina GuzmanMay 30, 2016, Blue Bell, Pa.—Regina Guzman isn’t sure what she would like to do for a career, but she wants to in some way help her homeland.

“I want to give back to El Salvador,” Guzman, who now lives in Lansdale, said of her native country. “It’s a really poor country. Whatever I do, I just want to tie it back to home.”

Guzman, who graduated from Montgomery County Community College in May, will be transferring on a full-tuition scholarship to Bucknell University this fall as part of the Bucknell University Community College Scholars Program.

She plans to major in global management and seeks to obtain a minor in economics.

Guzman has lived in the U.S. since age 12 when she left El Salvador with family friends who have since become her host parents.

“They made me a part of their family,” she said. “I still miss my family every day. It’s not as hard because I have great people around me.”

Beginning her college career at MCCC also helped ease the transition.

“Especially coming from a school where everything was in Spanish,” she said. “Montco was a really good help with getting used to how classes are done here and professors and getting used to the college life and the course load that college is compared to the high school.”

Last summer, as part of the Bucknell University Summer Residency Program, Guzman had the opportunity to preview her schooling via two courses over a six-week period. She took a Statistics class and a Psychology of Attraction course.

“It’s super challenging, but it’s tons of fun,” she recalled. “It was a lot of work. It was also rewarding to be able to see, ‘I’m capable of doing this.’”

Along with giving back to El Salvador, Guzman said her goal for the next phase of college education is to “make everybody proud,” especially her parents and family back home.

“I’m really excited and really glad and really thankful that they’ve given me the opportunity,” Guzman said. “I hope to do the best that I can.”

- Theresa Katalinas

Bucknell Transfer Students

Regina Guzman (center) is one of five Montgomery County Community College graduates accepted for fall 2016 transfer to Bucknell University with full tuition scholarships. Also pictured are Kyle Steinke, Charles Hennessey, Malachi Musick and Seth Hartley. Photo by Sandi Yanisko