Theatre Arts 

The Theater Arts Program at Montgomery County Community College introduces students to the theater through courses designed to teach the work of actors, designers, producers and directors.

At Montgomery County Community College, artist/ teachers and professionals share their skills, passion and experience in the theater to create educational, theatrical experiences of quality for the students and community. Student actors explore their unique voices through creative expression and improvisational play, and discover and realize the action of a text through performance. In our new Blackbox Theater, students work hands on with state-of-the-art theater technology, which allows for versatile staging, a complete battery of lighting instruments, technology for sound design and multi-media and the capacity to nimbly grow and adapt with new trends in theater technology. This model modern classroom allows students to apply skills directly to the creation of public performance, under the supervision and direction of professionals.

The Theater Arts Program at Montgomery County Community College includes classes acting, theater history, theater production and more. Students learn and apply the skills needed to plan produce act and direct in projects; to understand the personal, social and aesthetic value of theater; to analyze theater history and literature using research and critical thinking skills; and to build a life long relationship to their community through the arts.

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