The Montgomery County Woman-Owned Business Network

Since 2006 the Montgomery County Woman-Owned Business Network (WOBN) provides for women entrepreneurs, and women who aspire to be entrepreneurs, practical information and resources to use to start, grow, or sustain a successful business. WOBN provides a positive networking atmosphere where women can come together to share ideas, offer support, and create solid business alliances.

The experience is designed to be motivating and rewarding for women who value and actively practice the principles and process of networking and lifting up other women in business.  WOBN provides a warm and friendly atmosphere that is supportive, educational, and dynamic so women may:

  • Make meaningful business connections.  WOBN members have easy benefit from one another’s encouragement, knowledge, talents, and resources.  Members and friends connect during monthly networking meetings, events, classes and through the WOBN Facebook page.
  • Learn tips and techniques to learn new ways to succeed.  Monthly meetings offer a combination of informal and structured networking activities that highlight techniques for making connections.  Leading women entrepreneurs and subject matter experts will lead discussions on topics such as networking, assertive communication, the art of negotiating, and social media.
  • Leave each WOBN meeting with a renewed purpose, helpful information, and with their batteries recharged and a positive outlook for the work ahead.

Our philosophy is welcoming and non-competitive.  Membership is not restricted to one person per industry or employment type, we do not require lead quotas, and we do not have a policy against membership with other networking organizations.  Instead, we encourage members to enhance their networking abilities, foster meaningful partnerships with others, and help one another to grow and prosper.

Meetings take place at Montgomery County Community College on select Wednesdays from 5:30 – 8:00 PM. Membership provides admission to all of the meetings, discounts on networking events, member profiles on Facebook, and more. Rolling membership, join anytime!

For more information call (215) 641-6397 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.