Virtual Assistance Certificate of Completion

The purpose of the Certificate of Completion in Virtual Assistance is to provide students with a specialty designation within the administrative assistant industry. This certificate provides students with the hands on and practical knowledge and skills needed to work as a virtual assistant, which is a different designation than the typical administrative assistant. The virtual assistant works remotely either from home or from a designated location. He or she is often an entrepreneur, with his/her own virtual assistant business, contracting with their own clients. However, many virtual assistants work for a placement agency that matches them up with clients seeking virtual assistance. Additionally, many employees are now being asked by their employers to work from home either on a partial or complete basis and these workers require training and guidance on how to do so. Regardless of the career path, this certificate allows students to prepare themselves for a career as a virtual assistant.

Career Pathway

Program Outcomes

A graduate should be able to:

  • evaluate different types of virtual businesses and office careers.
  • complete a self-assessment to determine readiness and suitability for becoming a virtual entrepreneur.
  • determine appropriate communication skills necessary for work in a virtual office.
  • prepare a business plan that demonstrates the logistical, technological and promotional requirements of establishing and maintaining a virtual office.
  • prepare the licensing, insurance, and taxation requirements necessary for creating and operating a home-based virtual business.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the use of industry standard software and Internet resources to plan, participate in and facilitate business meetings and projects in a virtual environment.
  • describe the role, duties, skills and challenges of a virtual assistant.
  • create a business plan that establishes one’s mission, goals, and objectives and integrates one’s personal, professional and ethical standards as a virtual assistant.
  • determine one’s sustainable competitive advantage in the virtual assistance industry by developing a marketing plan that allows one to grow and maintain a network of resources and clients.
  • prepare for the job market by assembling a virtual assistant skills and resources portfolio.
  • facilitate a virtual assistant simulation project.
  • apply an ethical framework to make informed decisions in day-to-day life as a virtual assistant.
  • identify their competition.
  • clarify their business vision and concept.


ETP 110 Entrepreneurship Essentials 3
OFM 170 Virtual Office Careers and Technologies 3
OFM 175 Introduction to Virtual Assistance 3


The Virtual Assistance Certificate of Completion prepares students to participate in the International Virtual Assistants Association “Ethics Check” exam to become a certified virtual assistant.

The Office Management 30-credit Certificate program provides a stackable pathway for those students who earn the Virtual Assistance Certificate of Completion. Students can apply  all 9 credits to the Office Management Concentration within the Management AAS degree.

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