Health and Fitness Professional AAS

The Health and Fitness Professional program provides a comprehensive curriculum and educational experience for students who wish to enter the health and fitness field. The program provides the educational and experiential learning required to complete the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer Examination. During the final semester of the program, students will study for and take the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Examination. Each student will earn and must maintain the American Heart Association certification in First Aid and Adult Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. In addition to these certifications, the program provides the student with a strong theoretical base as well as practical experience via service learning and an experiential practicum in an educational fitness setting. The breadth and depth of information in the Health and Fitness Professional Program of Study is supplemented by offering students the choice of electives to support their career and/or educational goals. Graduates will have the competencies and experience expected for employment in an entry-level position in the fitness/health industry and allied fields such as personal trainer, corporate wellness, YMCA, commercial recreation and fitness centers, recreational therapy, retirement homes and communities. Upon successful completion of the Health and Fitness Professional program, students also have the option to continue their education in this field at a four year college or university.

Program Mission

The Health and Fitness Program has a mission that reflects the mission of Montgomery County Community College. At the core of this mission is providing a quality educational experience to each student through a variety of instructional techniques. Experiential learning will be emphasized by students conducting fitness/health promotions within the College and greater communities. The focus is to produce graduates who are prepared to be successful in an entry-level position within the health and fitness field.

Program Outcomes       

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply the written Skill Component that includes health appraisals, fitness testing, and personal documentation of goals, results, and client programming.
  • Apply the exercise science Knowledge Component that includes anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, human development, aging, risk factors, human behavior and psychology.
  • Apply the Ability Component that addresses applying knowledge and skills to Exercise prescription.

Program of Study:


ESW 102 Introduction to Exercise Science, Wellness and Sport Studies 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Elective Core Goal 3: Course- Quantitative Skills  
Elective Core Goal 4: Course- Computer Fluency 3
Elective Core Goal 6: Intellectual Heritage and
Core Goal 7: Aesthetic Sensibility & the Arts
ESW 146 Conditioning, Weight Training and Control 2

(17 Credit Hours)



BIO 129 Functional Human Anatomy and Physiology
(Grade of “C” or better)
ENG 102
ENG 115
ENG 117
English Composition II
Writing for Technical Communication
Writing for Business and Industry
ESW 147 or ESW 148 Mat Pilates or Hatha Yoga
ESW 206 Basic Nutrition 3
Elective Core Goal 9: Behavioral & Social Sciences
and Core Goal 13: Ethical Reasoning

(15 Credit Hours)


ESW 222 Applied Kinesiology (offered Fall only) 3
ESW 224 Exercise Physiology (offered Fall only)    3
ESW 245 Safety and First Aid 3
ESW 226 Assessment of Human Fitness  3
SPC 120 Public Speaking 3

(15 Credit Hours)


ELECTIVE Elective 3
ESW 215 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury (offered Spring only) 3
ESW 296 Practicum for the Health & Fitness Professional (offered Spring only) 3
ESW 227 Exercise Programming for Healthy and Special Populations (offered Spring only)    3

(14-15 Credit Hours)


 Revised: 3/9/2015