Municipal Police Basic Training Curriculum (ACT 120)

The skills learned while completing this program prepare the student for the state certification exam; this is a requirement to obtain entry-level positions in the field of municipal law enfocement in Pennsylvania.

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Program Description

Acting under authority of the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission, the Montgomery County Community College is authorized to conduct classes under PA Act 120 in Municipal Police Officer Training. The Academy provides its cadets with a basic knowledge of social, legal, political, and ethical contexts under which police services are provided as well as the technical and physical competency to provide their duties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Cadets must maintain a minimum grade of 75 in each of the program tested areas in order to be recommended for certification under the provision of Pennsylvania Act 120.

Primary Goals

The skills developed through this program apply to municipal law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania. After this program and the certification process, the student will be able to enforce motor vehicle and criminal laws, as well as jurisdictional ordinances for individual police agencies. Successful completion consists of 100% attendance, successfully completing physical conditioning requirements and passing twenty-two written examinations.

Consideration for Industry Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, student can take the state-mandated certification exam to become a Municipal Police Officer.


Act 120 Police Academy Course Code # LLMPT 6300

PREREQUISITE: Completion of physical fitness test based on 30th percentile performance as determined by Cooper Institute; completion of Nelson-Denny Reading Test; completion of medical pre-entrance examination; successful completion of psychological examination; completion of criminal records check.

Recognition of Completion

Successful completion consists of attending the full-time (22 weeks) or part-time (42 weeks) program and passing all examination and/or program modules with a minimum score of 75. A diploma and grade sheet from Montgomery County Community College will be awarded upon successful completion of this program.

Gainful Employment Information