Municipal Police Renewal Certification


Acting under the authority of the Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Training Program, Montgomery County Community College is authorized to conduct classes under PA Act 235, Lethal Weapons Training. The Lethal Weapons Training Act 235 provides the training and licensing to watch guards, protective patrolmen, detectives and criminal investigators, carrying and using lethal weapons in their employment.

Primary Goals

The goal of this training is threefold:

  1. Ensure that the students are provided with a basic understanding of the social, political, legal and ethical contexts within which security services are provided.
  2. Provide students with realistic career expectations as well as a legitimate and useful motivation for the development of a professional career.
  3. Provide the students with the technical competency to perform the duties, and understand the restrictions, of a security agent certified under the act within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The goals and objectives of this course are accomplished through the introduction of nine course sections in the curriculum to include:

  • I.             Course Introduction
  • II.            Legal Authority
  • III.           Constitutional Restrictions
  • IV.          Principles of Justification
  • V.            Pennsylvania Crimes Code
  • VI.          Limited Authority
  • VII.         Incident Investigation and Reporting
  • VIII.        Testifying in Court
  • IX.           Armed and Unarmed Defense

PREREQUISITE: Admission to this training is open to persons seeking a career in the private security field; however it is contingent on the satisfactory completion of a medical and psychological screening process.  The screening process includes the completion of the application and submission of required fingerprint cards.

Recognition of Completion

Students who successfully complete all modules of this training course, and who demonstrate an acceptable level of attendance, shall be eligible for certification by the Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Training Program.

For more information call the Municipal Police Academy at 610-278-0659.