Program Outcomes

Montgomery County Community College Emergency Management and Planning AAS graduates go on to lead fulfilling careers in Emergency Management, Disaster Preparedness, and other allied fields. We believe that the reason for our graduates’ success is that employers in the emergency management and allied public safety professions increasingly recognize the importance of an academic degree. Employers value the fact that our Emergency Management and Planning degree program provides a broader base of knowledge and theory than what is provided in more skills-oriented certification and training programs. Moreover, the general studies component of our AAS degree program teaches competencies in thirteen critical areas including oral and written communication, computer and information literacy, quantitative reasoning, knowledge of the physical and natural sciences, civic engagement and knowledge of government and public policy, and ethical reasoning and decision-making. These are the skills that are essential for the pursuit of further educational advancement, and for effective service in the higher echelons of emergency management, planning, and disaster preparedness.

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Emergency Management & Planning: Synopsis of Outcomes