Emergency Management and Planning Certificate

The EMP Certificate is designed to prepare students for entry level technical or administrative careers in the emergency response services that do not require a degree.

The EMP Certificate is also designed as a dual or second credential for Criminal Justice (CJS), Fire Science (FSC), and Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) majors who aspire to senior administrative, management, or command roles. It is designed to provide them with the necessary knowledge of the technical subject field, professional skills, and state-of-the-art techniques necessary to manage, coordinate, and plan for emergency response in both the public and private sectors.

Career Pathway

Program Outcomes

The graduate should be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain or maintain entry level employment in the public or private field of emergency management and planning.

The EMP Certificate Program is also designed to specifically augment the College’s degree curricula in Criminal Justice, Fire Science, and Emergency Medical Technology by providing a highly relevant supplemental skill set.


First Semester

EMP 100 Emergency Planning 3
EMP 110 Incident Management 3
FSC 100 Introduction to Fire Science 3
ESW 245 Safety and First Aid 3
POL 125 or 231
(15 Credit Hours)
State and Local Government or Public Policy Management 3

Second Semester

EMP 120 Search and Rescue 3
EMP 210 Leadership and Influence in Emergency Response 3
FSC 102 Hazardous Materials 3
EMP 200 Seminar in Emergency Management 1
EMP 250 Terrorism and Counterterrorism 3
EMP 265
(16 Credit Hours)
Public Safety Technology 3


Gainful Employment Information