Homeland Security Certificate of Completion

This introductory program in Homeland Security is specially designed for students who may be seeking additional training to facilitate a career change. It may also appeal to students who are already working in the field, but who have no or limited prior college experience, and who are interested in enhancing their career advancement prospects. MCCC’s Certificate of Completion is ‘fully-stackable,’ meaning that there is no loss of time or coursework for students who wish to progress further toward a formal academic degree in the field.

Career Pathway

Program Outcomes

A graduate should be able to:

  • classify the ‘All-Hazards’ roles, functions, and relationships among local, federal and international law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies in fulfilling diverse homeland security missions.
  • apply an operational knowledge of intelligence-gathering and analysis pertinent to homeland security and other threats facing government and the private sector.
  • construct an in-depth case study analysis of an individual contemporary terrorist group or movement using open-source intelligence covering: history, geography, and culture; ideology and political or social objectives; leadership, organizational structure, and finances; major actions, alliances, and proxies; and national and international suppression efforts.
  • create effective strategies for local, state, national and international law enforcement agencies, aimed protecting transportation systems, passengers and cargos, and international border crossing points.


CJS 250 Terrorism and Counterterrorism 3
CJS 251 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
CJS 252 Intelligence Analysis and Security Management 3
CJS 253
(12 Credit Hours)
Transportation and Border Security 3