History AA

The College’s History AA degree curriculum integrates a broad spectrum of courses in the social sciences and related disciplines to prepare students who wish to transfer to four-year colleges or universities to continue their study of history. The program is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in education, law, foreign service, research, communication and information management, as well as for jobs in the federal, state and local government and at historical sites.

The program meets the competencies and requirements specified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Transfer Agreement Oversight Committee (TAOC) for seamless transfer to schools in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

The College offers History courses at both its Central Campus in Blue Bell, West Campus in Pottstown, as well as online through its Virtual Campus.


Transfer Program

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Engage in historical inquiry, research and analysis.
  • Craft historical narrative and argument through the use of primary and secondary historical evidence.
  • Analyze historical topics, trends and issues.
  • Apply historical knowledge to analyze contemporary geopolitical and social trends.

Available Fall 2016



ENG 101 English Composition I 3
HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I 3
MAT 103106,
140 or 190
Mathematics 3
Elective Foreign Language 3
PSY 101
(15 credit hours)
Introduction to Psychology 3


ENG 102 English Composition II 3
HIS 102 or
HIS 122
History of Western Civilization II or
World Civilizations II: From 1500
ANT 101 or
SOC 101
Intro to Anthropology or
Intro to Sociology
Elective Foreign Language 3
Any History Elective
(15 credit hours)
Any History Elective 3


SPC 120 Speech 120 3
POL 101 or
POL 124
Intro to Political Science or
American National Gov
BIO 121,CHE 121 or PHY 121 Core Goal 8: Physical and Life Sciences 4
HIS 203 US History I 3
(16 credit hours)
Any History Elective



Elective Core Goal 4: Computer Fluency 3
GEO 110, GEO 130 
or GEO 135
Geography 3
HIS 205 US History II 3
BIO 122, CHE 122 
or PHY 122*
Lab Science 4
(15-16 credit hours)
Core Goal 10: Exercise and Health Sciences 2-3

Total Semester Credit Hours:  61-62

* The lab science in the fourth semester should be in the same discipline as the lab science in the third semester. 


Program Created: 3/12/15