Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification


This 180-hour program is certified by the Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to prepare entry-level operators with the skills, tools, and knowledge to meet the responsibilities of the job. Components of the program are offered as separate modules for operators who are already certified that need to meet state continuing education requirements.

Program Description

This program for Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification is a total of 180 hours. Students are required to take the entire 180 hour to receive their program certificate and to meet state requirements for certification. The program covers such topics as the Fundamentals of Wastewater, Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment, Collection Systems, Pumps and Hydraulics, Flow Meters, Chemical Feed Systems, General Safety, and Ethics. Students will also learn about Ponds and Lagoons, Trickling Filter Process, Rotating Biological Contact, and Intro to Activated Sludge. Students will participate in other topics, field trips, and exam review and preparation. A deferred payment plan is available. This 180-hour program is usually 30 weeks long and meets two evenings per week for 3 hours each evening.

Primary Goals

The primary goals of this program are

  • Understand the role of the treatment plan operation.
  • Understand basic wastewater treatment process.
  • Understand state and federal regulations.

Consideration for Industry Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the wastewater treatment operator certification exam under the Department of Environmental Protection.


Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification Program Course Code # TACT 4000


Knowledge of basic math skills.

Recognition of Completion

A certification of completion will be awarded by the College after successful completion of the program.