Computer Networking AAS

The Computer Networking AAS program prepares graduates with knowledge and skills in networking, computer support, and data communications. Graduates are eligible to take appropriate certification exams (such as A+, Network+, Microsoft MCP, Microsoft MTA, Security+ and Cisco CCNA) and can expect to work as entry-level network engineers, administrators, or computer support technicians. This program requires extensive hands-on work in computer labs featuring state-of the-art equipment.

Career Pathway

Program Outcomes

A graduate should be able to:

  • analyze and solve computer hardware and software problems.
  • apply critical thinking, team building, and problem solving skills to design and implement a local area network configuration.
  • describe OSI layers, their functionality, and maintain a LAN.
  • program and configure Cisco switches.
  • program and configure Cisco routers.
  • design, implement, and maintain a WAN.


General Education Core Requirements

First Semester

ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Math Elective MAT 100 Intermediate Algebra or
Core Goal 3: Quantitative Skills
CIS 113 PC Maintenance and Support 3
CIS 155 PC Applications on Networks 3
CIS 170 Introduction to Networks 3
(15 Credit Hours)

Second Semester

ENG 117 or ENG 115 Writing For Business and Industry or
Writing For Technical Communication
CIS 172 Scaling Networks (cisco Semester 3) 3
CIS 1101 or CIS 111 Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming or Introduction to Computer Science 3
CIS 158 Windows Server Administration and Support 3
BIO 115 Environmental Biology 3
(15 Credit Hours)

Third Semester

Speech Elective Core Goal 1b: Oral Communication Skills 3
CIS 141 Introduction to Linux 3
CIS 171 Routing and Switch (cisco Exploration Semester 2) 3
CIS 258 Advanced Windows Server Administration and Support 3
ESW 207 Food and Culture 3
(15 Credit Hours)

Fourth Semester

CIS 172B Connecting Network Cisco Semester 4 3
CIS 257 Network Planning, Project Management and Implementation 3
Elective Core Goal 6: Intellectual Heritage and
Core Goal 7: Aesthetic Sensibility and the Arts
CIS 142 Linux Administration 3
CIS 245CIS 275 or MGT 111 Database Management Systems/SQL, Network Security Fundamentals or Principles of Management 3
(15 Credit Hours)