The CITRIX XENServer curriculum is designed for students who are seeking entry-level virtualization skills. The course provides hands on comprehensive coverage of configuring and implementing XENServer topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services to include XENCenter and XENMotion.

Program Description

This program leads to the CITRIX Certified Administrator for XENServer certification. This program trains and teaches students the necessary skills to configure and administer XENServer, XENCenter and Provisioning Services. Through hands-on labs, students will gain hands-on experience in configuring and managing a XENServer virtualization server, creating Windows and Linux virtual machines, using XENMotion and automatic virtual machine placement, designing a Provisioning Server farm, creating, assigning and administering virtual disks; managing target devices and configuring high availability and more. This is a 30-hour program, for 5 weeks, two evenings a week for 3 hours each evening.

Primary Goals

This program provides students with the skills needed to succeed in virtualization and cloud related programs and helps them prepare for the CCA certification. It also helps students develop the skills necessary to fulfill the job responsibilities of cloud technicians, virtual network administrators, and network engineers. It provides a hands-on introduction to virtualization and virtual networking. The program covers topics such as configuration of XENCenter, XENMotion and provisioning server and managing virtual disks.

Consideration for Industry Certification and Articulation with Montgomery County Community College Credit Programs

The program leads to the CITRIX CITRIX Certified Administrator for XENServer certification.


CITRIX XENDesktop Course Code # BIPCT 2103


Knowledge of Windows Server 2008 R2 and above.

Recognition of Completion

The student must get a minimum of 70% adjusted score to graduate. CITRIX awards a Certificate of Completion.