Core Goal 5: Information Literacy

Locate, evaluate, and use information from diverse sources. (Students need two Information Literacy courses to complete this requirement.)


  • Determine the nature and extent of information required for research.
  • Formulate a search strategy to locate the appropriate information effectively and efficiently.
  • Critically evaluate information from written, oral, graphic or symbolic and mass media communications.
  • Use information ethically and legally, employing the appropriate format and documentation to acknowledge sources.
  • Synthesize information into a coherent argument presented as an integral course project.

Goal 5: Information Literacy, has several special requirements at the program level.
To ensure a breadth of exposure to information literacy, each degree program must include information literacy by having students complete a total of two information literacy core courses.

  • The first information literacy core course must be English 101, which introduces the rudimentary elements of the research process.
  • The second information literacy core course may be offered by the degree program or be drawn from information literacy core courses offered by other disciplines.

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Sample Information Literacy Assignment

Courses Meeting Goal 5 Outcomes When Paired with ENG 101

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