COM 100 Mass Media and Society
COM 101 Survey of Mass Media Industries in U.S.
COM 103 Intro to Video Production Equipment
COM 120 Introduction to Scriptwriting
COM 121 Introductory Scriptwriting Workshop
COM 123 Introduction Writing for Broadcast News
COM 124 Broadcast News Writing Workshop
COM 153 Campus Radio Workshop
COM 160 Media Literacy Workshop
COM 161 Media Industries Workshop
COM 163 Visual Storytelling Workshop
COM 166 Introduction to Electronic Journalism
COM 167 Introduction to Electronic Journalism Workshop
COM 200 Ethics, Responsibility, Mass Media and the Law
COM 208 Introduction to Media Operations
COM 209 Media Operations Workshop
COM 210 History of Film
COM 211 History of Film II
COM 213 Rock and Roll, Radio, and the Recording Industry
COM 214 Radio Around the World
COM 216 History of Television
COM 217 History of New Media
COM 220 Scriptwriting
COM 221 Scriptwriting Workshop
COM 223 Electronic Journalism Production
COM 224 Electronic Journal Production Workshop
COM 230 The Movies: Meanings & Methods
COM 235 Current Issues in Mass Media
COM 248 Directing Actors
COM 253 Campus Radio Workshop II
COM 260 New Media Production
COM 261 New Media Production Workshop
COM 266 Introduction to Civic Journalism
COM 267 Civic Journalism Workshop
COM 270 Introduction to Video Production
COM 271 Video Production Workshop
COM 276 Video Production
COM 277 Narrative Workshop
COM 280 Techniques of Digital Editing
COM 281 Digital Editing Workshop
COM 283 Live Video Production
COM 284 Live Video Production Workshop
COM 290 Communication Capstone