SRT 101 Sounding Out: Composing and Performing W ith Sound

Credits: 3.00

Sounding Out is an elective course in which students learn about, and explore the creation and performance of improvised music in a non-Jazz context. No previous musical training is required, only an inquisitive mind and desire to explore sound. The course provides an overview of the practice, including a historical context as well as helpful tools (e.g. graphic scores, verbal frameworks, etc.). Students will work individually and as an ensemble to create improvisational performances based on a variety of sound sources including found objects, field recordings, electronically generated or processed sounds (live or prerecorded), traditional instruments, etc. Students will also participate in the preparation and production of a program of improvised music. Students will present at least one concert and may also perform existing and established work in the discipline. Depending upon the interests of the students enrolled in the course in a specific semester, professional musicians and multimedia artists may collaborate with the students in creating the performance.

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