On the road with Prof. Brew

Life along the US interstate

Wayne Brew, MCCC facultyAfter teaching at MCCC for 17 years, Wayne Brew hitting the road to continue research of first generation interstates that connect the United States.

During his sabbatical, Wayne is focusing on two goals:

  • Travel first generation interstates and document the cultural landscape of the road;
  • Visit as many National Parks as possible, and to bring back stories to share with students.

Follow along with Wayne as he collects research, shares scenic imagery and stories from the interstate.

Messages from the road...

  • Thirty days in, and counting...
    My journey continues with visits to national parks that as a bonus require travels along old interstates. The journey to Craters of the Moon... continue reading »

  • Death Valley to Zion (again)
    Many who are my age remember a TV show called ‘Death Valley Days’ thus the heading title. Death Valley is a great way... continue reading »

  • Breathtaking landscapes
    On the 24th day of my travels, I was devoted to getting to and seeing the Grand Canyon. I have seen many images and videos, but walking up to the south rim takes... continue reading »

  • Cimarron, New Mexico
    I found reasonable lodging in Farmington, NM east of Shiprock traveling Route 64. Route 64 goes from the New Mexico-Arizona boundary ending... continue reading »

  • Four states at once
    In the vicinity of Moab, Utah there are two amazing National Parks. To the west is the sprawling Canyon Lands National Park and to the Northeast... continue reading »

  • Loneliest road in America
    Route 50 is another of the early interstates that was designated in 1926. The original western terminus was in San Francisco where the Bay Bridge... continue reading »

  • Rugged coastlines and redwoods
    U.S. Route 101 is another of the first generation interstate highways. In 1979 I hitchhiked Route 101 from Los Angeles to... continue reading »

  • Snow, Scablands & Seattle
    Day 8 allowed me to explore central Montana as I made my way south to Billings to pick up a friend who decided to join me for a week on the road... continue reading »

  • My 48th state
    I was very fortunate growing up to have traveled widely in the United States. My family went to Atlanta, Georgia twice in the 1960s... continue reading »

  • From Minnesota to North Dakota
    The day began leisurely crossing the border from Minnesota to North Dakota (ND). Northern ND is empty and flat, but provides beautiful vistas... continue reading »

  • Hitting the interstate
    The western portion of Route 2 starts in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, which is almost 1000 miles away from... continue reading »

  • Where in the world is Wayne?
    My name is Wayne Brew. I have been teaching full-time at Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) for 17 years... continue reading »