High School Grads

Choosing a college can be overwhelming. When comparing options, don’t overlook what’s right in your own backyard—a fully accredited college offering dozens of programs and activities at a safe, wireless campus close to home. It’s like getting the benefits of a close-knit liberal arts college at a fraction of the price.

What can you do here?

  • Stretch your limits. Enjoy the creative, stimulating learning environment of our regular and honors program classes.

  • Get ahead of the learning curve. Learn from nationally acclaimed faculty in “smart” classrooms equipped with all the latest technology.

  • Explore exciting career paths. Pursue a degree or certificate program that prepares you to get a good job immediately after graduation.

  • Build a strong foundation. Complete the core courses you need to transfer to a four-year institution without owing a fortune in student loans.

  • Become one of our many success stories. Join the 74% of our graduates who transfer to four-year institutions or 78% of career grads who land jobs in their fields of study.

Take a closer look and see why Montgomery County Community College may be the best place to jump-start your life.