Student Success Stories

Sound Recording and Music Technology Successes

Meet Bobby Dreher Bobby Dreher
As a studio owner, producer, recording engineer and musician, Bobby Dreher, 52, needed knowledge of and insight into the recording industry, so he enrolled in the Business of Music course at MCCC. With the class, he learned about copyrights, publishing and career opportunities, as well as how to develop a business marketing plan and timeline.

“These assignments assisted us in focusing on what it is we wanted to achieve, targeting our audience and taking the necessary steps to accomplish those goals,” said Bobby, noting he has accomplished his goals, including recording four albums and establishing his studio, Beach Bunny Sound.

Meet David Tatastciore David Tatastciore
After receiving his A.A.S. degree in Digital Audio Production at MCCC in 2013, David attended New York University to pursue his master’s degree in Music Technology (he previously earned a bachelor’s degree in English in 2005). While attending NYU, he worked as an engineer and mastering assistant at Engine Room Audio in downtown Manhattan, and as a production assistant at WNYC’s Jerome L. Greene Performance Space.

In 2016, he was hired as the lead engineer and studio manager for the food radio station, Heritage Radio Network, in Brooklyn. He also assists mix engineer Phil Moffa of Butch Sound Studios, mixing records on a freelance basis.

Meet Caitlyn Deviney Caitlyn Deviney
As long as she can remember, Caitlyn Deviney was passionate about music, but she wasn’t sure what to do after high school. She enrolled at MCCC and took courses in the Art & Business of Songwriting and Music Business and Music Theory, as well as record industry workshops.

“Montco has helped me realize that pursuing music full-time is actually possible and that my music is worth sharing. I’ve learned a lot about the business and the hard work it takes, as well as songwriting and recording,” she says. “Montco allowed me to explore difference paths, dabble in different areas, pursue an associate’s degree and save money that I wouldn’t have been able to save had I gone somewhere else.”

Currently, Caitlyn performs in a five-piece folk/pop band, Sunday Muse, comprised of fellow Montco alumni. The band recently released its first single and plans to release a full-length album soon.