Clearances for Education Courses

One of the requirements of many of the Education courses is to apply for background clearances. In order for you to participate in classroom observations, tutoring, etc. throughout your time in the Education Program, you will need to have these clearances. It is highly suggested that you apply for all of these clearances early, so that you will have them in your possession when you begin your Education classes. If you continue to take classes at MCCC without skipping a semester, you will not have to reapply for these clearances as long as you are here.

Application Procedures for Clearances

Criminal Background Check Click on “Submit a new Record Check” and fill out the form. This clearance costs $10. You will get an immediate response via email. Print out the results sheet. This is your Criminal Background Clearance.

Child Abuse Check You need to print out this form and fill it out. Mail it in with a money order for $10. You will receive the results in the mail.

FBI Fingerprinting Background Check

Go to Click on “Registration Procedures” and read about what you need to do to get your fingerprints done and receive a receipt. It costs $28.75 for the check which includes the paper copy of the report (which you should have for your own records). If you obtain a receipt with your ID number (PAE _ _ _ _), that is sufficient for the program.

Responses to your applications for the clearances can range from immediate to 8 weeks. The sooner you apply, the more assured you can be that you will have them when you walk into your first Education class!