EDU 140 Day Care Practicum

Credits: 6.00

This course provides the field experience for students in the Certificate Program in Child Care. Students spend 15 hours per week in a child care center under the direction of a staff member to develop skills as assistants in the classroom. They learn how to communicate effectively with young children and their parents, plan age appropriate activities and assist the teacher in specific goals or activities. Students will be supervised by a faculty member from the college. Students are responsible for transportation. Students who complete the 30-credit Child Care Program may choose to transfer their credits into the Education in the Early Years Program, Birth through Fourth Grade and complete the Associate's degree program. In that case, this course, EDU 140, takes the place of student teaching, EDU 250. If a student is planning to transfer credits into the Early Years Program, s/he should complete the more difficult requirements of EDU 250 rather than the requirements of EDU 140.

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Last Updated: 03/01/2016