PHI 120 Ethical Issues Affecting Consumers and Healthcare Professions

Credits: 3.00

This course addresses the needs of the health care consumer and the provider alike. Stemming from a philosophical base, this course will examine controversies emerging from rapid technological advances and modern health care practice. Conflicts discussed range from the person's right to choose or refuse a particular course of treatment to issues of euthanasia, genetic research, and human experimentation. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions of ethical problems reported in the popular media and to develop a personal decision-making system which can be applied to a variety of ethical issues. Emphasis is on critical analysis and the incorporation of theory to ethical deliberations. The course is interactive, therefore, open discussion format and familiarity with use of the computer is essential. This course meets General Education Core Goal 2: Analytic Skills; Core Goal 5: Information Literacy; Core Goal 6: Intellectual Heritage; Core Goal 12: Global Perspectives & Diversity; and Core Goal 13: Ethical Reasoning & Behavior

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Last Updated: 03/01/2016