SPC 111 Introduction to Speech Communication: Cross-Cultural Emphasis

Credits: 3.00

Communication, as a central force in our lives that allows us to make connections with others, is influenced by culture. This course introduces key concepts of communication and examines the practical application of theory and research with a focus on building culturally competent communication skills for the 21st century global economy. Through in and out of class activities, students will explore how communication practices and attitudes influence communication within and between cultures. Students will also learn to evaluate their own and other's communicative behaviors from a culturally sensitive perspective. Comprehension of cultural differences and the impact of culture on the various forms and methods of communicating is important in becoming a competent communicator. This course meets General Education Core Goal 1b: Oral Communication; Core Goal 2: Analytic Skills; Core Goal 5: Information Literacy; and Core Goal 12: Cultural Diversity.

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Last Updated: 03/01/2016