SUR 205 Surgical Technology III

Credits: 10.00

This course is designed to build on the knowledge gained in SUR 105 and SUR 106. Fundamental team skills in the environment of the operating room are applied to various specialties of surgery. Patient, equipment, and supply preparation are demonstrated in the following types of surgeries: genitourinary, cardio-thoracic, vascular, and orthopedic. The patient preparation, instrument and equipment set-up and assembly are demonstrated. The actual procedural stages for each basic surgery within the specialties are presented and reinforced in the clinical setting. The concurrent clinical laboratory and site experience afford the student the opportunity to directly apply didactic information. The patient profile is also discussed with consideration given to age specific needs during the surgical intervention. Response to death and dying in the operating room is introduced with exploration of various coping strategies. Co morbidities are described. Employment skills and interview techniques are addressed with development of a professional resume.

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Last Updated: 03/01/2016