ETP 110H Entrepreneurial Essentials Honors

Credits: 3.00

This course will enable a student to explore the viability of a proposed entrepreneurial venture as well as key concepts and principles related to entrepreneurship. By conducting due-diligence research, the student will evaluate consumer and economic data that will result in a data-supported decision regarding the feasibility of a proposed venture. This Honors course fosters high-achieving students' growth towards learning outcomes such as: problem solving, often with creative approaches; critical reading and original data analysis; forming judgments based on evidence, often from alternative modes of inquiry or integrative learning; clear, persuasive research writing; oral presentation; and articulate reflection on personal growth. Honors courses are more likely to utilize student-driven active learning, emphasizing exploration and discovery, rather than the acquisition of specific knowledge; faculty might provide projects with no pre-determined conclusion, but with real-world application.

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Last Updated: 01/26/2018