Cyber Security

Being Mobile: Online Safety and Security

The convenience of anytime, anywhere access enables us to stay connected and be more productive while "on the go". That flexibility comes with responsibility, and it is important to consider the security of the devices we use to connect, as well as where and how we connect.

Protect Yourself and Your Device

Your information and your mobile device have tremendous value. Today's mobile devices are more powerful than ever and need to be secured just like your desktop or laptop. Passwords, updates, backups and encryption still apply.

Here are a few simple steps to consider.

  • Secure your device — Use a strong passcode to lock your phone and set a screen timeout. For Apple devices, a passcode enables encryption — A security bonus!
  • Think before you app — Verify the apps has a good reputation and understand what data the app will access. Configure the app to automatically update.
  • Be careful with WiFi — Your cell carrier is the best choice. Use only secure WiFi networks like MC3WAVES. Turn off WiFi when you aren't using it to stay secure and save battery!
  • Recover It — Install a Find My Device app that can track a lost device or erase data remotely.

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    Stop Think Connect

The Stop, Think, Connect website is funded and managed by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) , the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), the Department of Homeland Security, and numerous corporate donors. This website contains an abundance of tips and advice that will protect you and your family from current cyber– threats, including specific recommendations for securing mobile devices.

SANS Institute Top 5 Steps to Staying Secure

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