Disability Services

Because we are committed to the success of all students and to ensuring equal access to our educational programs, services and activities, Disability Services provides support and accommodations for students with disabilities as well as resources for faculty and staff.

If you are interested in attending Montgomery County Community College, you should apply for admission first and then contact us using the information shown below to arrange a meeting with a Disability Services staff member at your chosen campus. High school students can begin this process in February of their senior year.

Accommodations and Documentation

Reasonable accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis to minimize the impact of a disability as much as possible without altering essential academic standards. Depending on the nature of the disability and the accommodation, current documentation from qualified professionals is typically required. View our policy and procedure on disabilities and our description of documentation criteria.

Accommodations may include

  • Extended time for test-taking
  • Distraction-reduced testing environment
  • Scribe and/or computer technology assistance for testing
  • Tape recording, note-taking, interpreters or closed captioning for classroom lectures
  • Alternative format texts

If you are a new student, you should meet with a Disability Services staff member at your chosen campus before the semester starts to arrange for accommodation letters for your professors. If you are a returning student, please request your accommodation letters before the beginning of the semester.

Assistive Technology

We offer the following assistive technology and programs.

  • Kurzweil 3000 and Read and Write for students with learning disabilities
  • Closed Circuit TV and ZoomText for students with low vision
  • JAWS and Braille Embosser, for students with blindness
  • Alternative keyboards and trackballs for students with physical disabilities
  • Access to Learning Ally and Bookshare for students with print disabilities
  • Alternative format materials (e.g., digital files, Braille, large print) for students with print impairments

Campus Accessibility

All buildings and classrooms are physically accessible. Students who require accessible furniture in classrooms should contact Disability Services at either Campus.

Support Services

Time-Management, Learning Strategies, and Goal-Oriented Coaching

Students can meet with a Disability Services staff member for instruction in study skills, organizational skills, and time management. Students may make appointments on an as-needed basis to focus or schedule brief, regular check-in meetings throughout the semester to help you stay on track.

Advocacy and Supportive Counseling

Our Disability Services staff members can help you develop self-advocacy skills — the ability to communicate your needs to others. Staff members can also assist in resolving school-related issues and to advocate on your behalf, if necessary. Supportive counseling is available in the Student Success Center at both Campuses.


Subject-area tutoring is provided by Tutorial Services on both Campuses.


All students are assigned an academic advisor services in the Student Success Center at both Campus. Your advisor is your primary contact for determining your academic plan and course selection. After meeting with an advisor, students with disabilities may also wish to meet with Disability Services staff members to discuss course schedules that take into account the impact of the individual’s disability on learning, study time, accommodations and mobility issues.

Central Campus in Blue Bell
Disabilities Services Center
College Hall, Room 225
215-619-7183 FAX
215-619-7415 TTY
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West Campus in Pottstown
South Hall, Room 147
610-718-1853 Voice/TTY
610-718-1837 FAX
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