We take sexual misconduct seriously.

Report sexual misconduct or discrimination to our Title IX Coordinator or Department of Public Safety.

Laws such as the Violence against Women Act, Campus SAVE Act and Title IX protect and maintain a climate of sexual respect for our students. Our Title IX Coordinator helps to ensure student safety and access to all Montco-related programs and activities.

The Title IX Coordinator:

  • organizes all responses to sexual misconduct and discrimination complaints;
  • identifies and addresses any patterns of sexual misconduct;
  • assesses effects of sexual misconduct on campus climate and provides remedies;
  • monitors outcomes and prevents recurrence;
  • ensures that Montco complies with all aspects of Title IX.

We also offer many programs on sexual misconduct prevention that teach stduents how to:

  • identify signs of sexual misconduct;
  • understand the full scope of this misconduct;
  • prevent it from happening;
  • help a friend experiencing this;
  • have healthy relationships.

Announcements of upcoming programs will appear here. Reporting Sexual Misconduct All Programs, and the Lunch and Learn Workshops are presented by the Student Support and Referral Team in conjunction with Victim Services Center of Norristown.