Project INNOVA

Alternative Fuel Urban Concept Vehicle – INNOVA

A team of Montgomery County Community College Engineering students are designing and building INNOVA – a hydrogen fuel cell-powered urban concept car that will change the way we commute in cities around the world!

With the projected depletion of oil and natural gas resources over the next 50 years, alternative fuel vehicles are the future. And for Montgomery’s Engineering program, the future is NOW! Our students don’t learn the technologies of today; they learn the skills and knowledge needed to be the developers of tomorrow.

The designing and building of INNOVA gives our students an incredible, hands-on opportunity to engage in real-world research & development. The vehicle will also serve as a valuable teaching tool for future students, as it is integrated into our Engineering curriculum.

Montgomery’s student team – MC3 Engineering INNOVA – will also travel to Detroit in early April to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2017.

To help them reach their goal, please contact Team Advisor Professor William Brownlowe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All money raised will be used to purchase materials necessary to complete the vehicle and to pay for students’ travel expenses for the competition.

Because the campaign is coordinated with First Giving, all donations are tax deductible.

Become a fan and get updates and information on the team’s Facebook page.

Thank you for your support!


MC3 Engineering INNOVA Team Members

Wedy Antoine – Fabrication and Assembly
Leland Brown – Fabrication and Assembly
Howard Carter – Fabrication and Assembly
Anthony DeMarinis – Fundraising and Mission Planning
Alexis Elsner – Driver and Planning
Nathan Francis – Lead Designer
Seamus Hanrahan – Lead Fabrication and Assembly
Samantha Hencken – Reserve Driver
Jeff Regitko – 3D Solid Modeler/Designer
Julie Scott – Team Manager
Saarim Siddiqui – 3D Solid Modeler/Designer
Grant Smith – Fabrication and Assembly

William Brownlowe – Team Advisor