Computer & Info Syst

CIS 100 Introduction to PC's
CIS 106 Introduction to the INTERNET
CIS 108 Introduction to Web Page Design
CIS 110 Computer Information Systems for Management
CIS 1101 Intro to Problem Solving & Programming
CIS 111 Computer Science I: Programming/Concept
CIS 111B Comp. Sci. Ii: Object-Oriented Program
CIS 112 Comp. Sci. III: Data Struc. & Algorithm
CIS 113 PC Maintenance and Support
CIS 114 Web Design and Development
CIS 119 User Interface/Experience Design
CIS 120 Teaching With Technology
CIS 122 Visual Basic
CIS 126 Computer Architecture & Organization
CIS 140 Client-Side Web Development
CIS 141 Introduction to Linux
CIS 142 Linux Administration
CIS 151 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 155 PC Applications on Networks
CIS 158 Windows Server Administration & Support
CIS 166 Introduction to Cloud Computing
CIS 167 Introduction to Data Storage and Storage Area Networks
CIS 168 Data Centers and Cloud Storage
CIS 170 Introduction to Networks (cisco Semester 1)
CIS 171 Routing and Switch (cisco Exploration Semester 2)
CIS 172 Scaling Networks (cisco Semester 3)
CIS 172B Connecting Network Cisco Semester 4
CIS 176 Game Design Practice and Theory
CIS 177 Introduction to 3D Modeling
CIS 184 Web Animation (Flash MX)
CIS 203 Vmware Vsphere
CIS 204 Citrix Xendesktop and Xenapp
CIS 205 Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V
CIS 206 Cloud Services
CIS 207 Introduction to Computer Forensics
CIS 208 Implementing Network Security
CIS 209 Ethical Hacking
CIS 210 Applied Software Development
CIS 212 Advanced HTML and CSS
CIS 213 Advanced JavaScript
CIS 214 Advanced 3D Modeling
CIS 215 Decision Making Using Spreadsheets
CIS 216 Interactive Media Capstone
CIS 231 Project Management
CIS 235 Object Oriented Prog. in C++
CIS 238 Iphone Os Application Development
CIS 240 Android Application Development
CIS 241 Server-Side Web Development
CIS 244 PC Database Management Systems
CIS 245 Database Management Sys. /SQL
CIS 250 SQL Server Programming
CIS 251 Advanced Mobile Development
CIS 257 Network Planning, Project Management and Implementation
CIS 258 Advanced Windows Ser Administration/Supp
CIS 275 Network Security Fundamentals
CIS 276 Game & Simulation Programming Foundations