HON 203H Honors Experience

Credits: 3.00

This service-learning course will enrich Honors Program students' and Phi Theta Kappa members' academic environment with an opportunity to explore and acquire a deeper understanding of significant and timely interdisciplinary questions and civic issues. This course will cover a different subject each semester based on Phi Theta Kappa's "Honors in Action" program, but will consistently utilize student research of a variety of perspectives to collaboratively develop sustainable service projects improving the world around them, encouraging excellence. This course meets the Honors Program's community service and "Honors Experience" requirements. This Honors course fosters high-achieving students' growth towards learning outcomes such as: problem solving, often with creative approaches; critical reading, artistic literacy, or original data analysis; forming judgments based on evidence, often from alternative modes of inquiry or integrative learning; clear, persuasive research writing; oral presentation; and articulate reflection on personal growth. Honors courses are more likely to utilize student-driven active learning, emphasizing exploration and discovery, rather than the acquisition of specific knowledge; faculty might provide projects with no pre-determined conclusion, but with real-world application.

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