Set on a three-acre brownfield site, this former PECO generating station has been transformed into a multipurpose and multifaceted resource for the College and community. The first floor houses an aquaponics and hydroponics lab where students: build hydroponics units; grow tomatoes, strawberries, kale, lettuce, and hops, and participate in non-credit courses focusing on hydroponics gardening.

The second floor, Engineering and Design Space, is a clean technology area. It has been home to Robotics, a 3D designing and printing lab, and physics and engineering labs. In addition, the rooms are used for Solid Works 3D Software Certifications and non-credit Solid Works training.

Since opening, the third floor’s flexible and innovative space has held guest lecture seminars, meetings for both internal and external groups, poster sessions, the non-credit Software Development Academy, and the Immersion Essentials Science Camp.