Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing

Dolan Stimson

After watching his older brothers graduate from college heavily in debt, Dolan Stimson knew that he wanted his education to be affordable...
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Fine Arts

Hattie Sandberg

When you’re in high school, selecting a career and finding a college can be monumental decisions. Some students know exactly what...
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Sound Music and Recording Technology

Bobby Dreher

As a studio owner, producer, recording engineer and musician, Bobby Dreher, 52, needed knowledge of and insight into the recording industry, so he enrolled...
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Caitlyn Deviney

As long as she can remember, Caitlyn Deviney was passionate about music, but she wasn’t sure what to do after high school...
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David Tatastciore

After receiving his A.A.S. degree in Digital Audio Production at MCCC in 2013, David attended New York University to pursue his master’s degree in Music Technology...
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