Employee Recognition Celebration 2017

The College recognized the following faculty and staff for their years of dedicated service:

40 Years of Service:
Marlene Gaudio, Art Lecturer
Kenneth Levine, Mathematics Lecturer
David McElroy, Chemistry Lecturer
Gerald McLaughlin, English Lecturer

35 Years of Service:
Howard Ferguson, Computer Science Lecturer
Frank Short, Art Professor

30 Years of Service:
Kevin Baird, Economics Assistant Professor
Ann Niggemann, Coordinator Tutorial Services

25 Years of Service:
Sergio Carbone, Computer Science Lecturer
Lawrence D’Antonio, History Lecturer
Maurice Davis, Counselor – Instructor
Jill Frechie, Computer Science Lecturer

20 Years of Service:
Bruce Bach, Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation
Steven Baron, Psychology Associate Professor
Victoria Bastecki-Perez, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Debra Eckman, Medical Laboratory Technician – Assistant Professor
Margaret Interrante, Nursing Associate Professor
Wendy Kilderry, Financial Aid Processing Specialist
Stanley Lentz, Carpenter
Barbara Lontz, Mathematics Assistant Professor West Campus
Constance Miller, Exercise Science and Wellness Lecturer
Michael Moonblatt, Fire Science Lecturer
Diane O’Connor, Executive Director of Human Resources
Deborah Rogers, Executive Assistant to the College’s Board of Trustees
Margaret Swisher, Nursing Assistant Professor
Michael Zipay, Custodian West Campus

15 Years of Service:
James Bedrosian, Executive Assistant to Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Joseph Belisari, Mathematics Lecturer
Sharon Blastic, English Lecturer
Marci Blue, Reading Lecturer
Kelly Boettlin, Part-Time Professor Tutor West Campus
Stuart Burd, Accounting Lecturer
Matthew Cadwalader, Maintenance Mechanic Lead West Campus
Jacqueline Cione, Administrative Assistant to the Director of West Campus
Diane Coyle, Computer Science Lecturer
Anil Datta, Director of Information Technology Programs
Sophia Demasi, Sociology Professor
Ann Marie Donohue, Psychology Associate Professor
Eugene Gorsky, English Lecturer
Thea Howey, English Assistant Professor
Marlene Keesler, Sociology Lecturer
Susan Lawrence, Psychology Lecturer
Judith McKeon, English Lecturer
Michelle Pentimall, Speech Lecturer
Howard Rahmlow, Computer Science Lecturer
Deborah Ravacon, Director/Teacher Children’s Center
Peter Smock, Art Lecturer
Lizhu Tang, Part-Time Library Circulation Clerk
Ella Strattis, Part-Time Librarian
Martina Ware, Nursing Associate Professor
Stanley Wilhelmson, Physics Lecturer

10 Years of Service:
Amy Agnew, English Lecturer West Campus
James Angelucci, Music Lecturer
Stephanie Bennett, Dental Hygiene Clinic Assistant
Diane Biddle, English Assistant Professor
Barbara Billman, Payroll Administrator
Daniel Boring, Music Lecturer
Caree Briggs-Updyke, Nursing Lecturer
David Brown, Emergency Management Planning Lecturer
Tracey Brown, Psychology Lecturer West Campus
Namrata Chauhan, Mathematics Assistant Professor
Cheryl Cherry, English Lecturer
Michael Connelly, Art Assistant Professor
Timothy Connelly, English Assistant Professor
Matthew Cooley, Speech Lecturer
Jodi Empol-Schwartz, Political Science Assistant Professor
Nina Geisler, Student Accounting Administrator
Byron Goldstein, Strategies for Student Success Lecturer
Lawrence Greene, Librarian Assistant Professor
Deborah Greenspan, Psychology Associate Professor
Brian Haigh, Marketing Lecturer
Brian Heljenek, English Assistant Professor
Kathy Holohan, Biology Lecturer West Campus
Georgette Howell, Exercise Science and Wellness Associate Professor West Campus
Lynn Hums, Administrative Assistant – Business and Entrepreneurial Initiatives
Augustine Isamah, Sociology Assistant Professor West Campus
Donald Kline, Part-Time Deputy Director Public Service and Municipal Police Academy
Barbara LeFevre, Director of Enrollment Support Services
Thomas Lever, Mathematics Lecturer
Anne Livezey, Exercise Science and Wellness Associate Professor
Ronald Long, Real Estate Lecturer
Annamaria Marra, Administrative Support Secretary Student Services
Diane McDonald, English Assistant Professor
Patricia Mieczkowski, Call Center Assistant
Dana Murray-Resente, English Assistant Professor
James Muscatell, Math Associate Professor
Beena Patel, Biology Lecturer West Campus
Sherry Phillips, Director of Records and Registration Registrar
Brigitte Poirot, French Lecturer Katherine Pourshariati, Part-Time Librarian
Christine Ransom, Part-Time Clerk Tutorial Services
Anthony Rocco, Custodian
Wuanita Rollins, Teacher, Grant Coordinator – Children’s Center
Mustafa Saatci, Sociology Assistant Professor
Allan Schear, Communications Assistant Professor
David Schell, History Lecturer West Campus
Stephen Schmitz, Criminal Justice Assistant Professor
Sharon Schratz, Administrative Support Secretary Disability Services
Jacob Schreiner, Maintenance Mechanic
Steve Solomon, Mathematics Lecturer
Geri Stokes, Senior Programmer Analyst
Marla Sturm, Psychology Assistant Professor
Meryl Sultanik, Education Associate Professor
Larry Swanzer, Economics Lecturer Annette Teichman, Exercise Science and Wellness Lecturer
Laura Throne, Medical Lab Technology Lecturer
Kris Torres, Assistant Director Database and Systems Administration
Nancy Tucker, Mathematics Lecturer
Christina Videva, German Lecturer
Samantha Wesner, Nursing Lecturer
Vickie Williams, Enrollment Services Assistant
Patricia Wolfe, Administrative Support Secretary Health Sciences Division
Brent Woods, Senior Director of Cultural Affairs

5 Years of Service:
Obed Arango, Art Lecturer
Eric Bettinger, Part-Time Groundskeeper
Eva Blackwell, Communications Lecturer
Kathleen Boelter, Dental Hygiene Lecturer
Stefanie Crouse, Academic Advisor – Assistant Professor
Sean Davis, Music Lecturer
Bianca Demeo, Music Lectuer
Dian Disantis, Biology Lecturer West Campus
Maura Duggan, Enrollment Services Assistant
Lance Eisenhower, History Lecturer
Brenda Essig, Reading Lecturer
James Fallon, Custodian
Matthew Feldman, Office Administration Lecturer
James Ferguson, Part-Time Clerk Tutorial Services
Ann Forrestal, Office Management Lecturer
Howard Gordon, Music Lecturer
Elizabeth Guerrier, Music Lecturer
Katherine Harmer, History Lecturer
Loretta Henry, English Lecturer
Robert Holmes, Mathematics Lecturer
Yasmin Jean-Baptiste, Part-Time Upward Bound Secretary
Mary Jimenez, Spanish Lecturer
Alfonzo Jordan, Chemistry Lecturer
Rebecca Lamar, Education Lecturer
Samantha Levinson, Counseling Lecturer
Gregory Martin, Part-Time Professional Tutor West Campus
Ann Martinelli, Education Lecturer
Jude McKenna, Director of Public Services Training Programs and Municipal Police Academy
Edward Moulton, Mathematics Lecturer
Lynn O’Brien, Anthropology Assistant Professor
Denise Prushan, Executive Assistant to Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Digital Officer
Linda Quinby, Exercise Science and Wellness Lecturer
Rex Saffer, Computer Science lecturer
Jennifer Scales, Coordinator Help Desk
Matthew Schandler, History Lecturer
Marilyn Schwartz, Nursing Lecturer
Stacey Simpson, Exercise Science and Wellness Lecturer
Keith Sims, Public Safety Officer
John Stankiewicz, Part-Time Custodian West Campus
Heather Thomas, Accounting Assistant Professor
Janice Trusky, Art Lecturer
Jenna Underwood, Senior Accountant, Disbursement Management
Diane VanDyke, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Joeph Wehr, Entrepreneurial Lecturer
Michelle Woodward, Executive Assistant to Vice President of Student Services
Amanda Wooldridge, Exercise Science and Wellness Assistant Professor
Todd Zimmerman, History Lecturer
Wendy Zoll Fillgrove, Biology Assistant Professor

David Beers, Custodian
Joyce Galloway, Administrative Assistant Facilities
Charles Scandone, Director Facilities Management