DHG 155 Dental Radiology

Credits: 2.00

This course enables the dental hygiene student to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to produce dental radiographs of diagnostic quality with minimum patient exposure to radiation. Topics of study include the principles of radiation physics, radiation biology, radiation safety, radiographic technique, processing, patient management, quality assurance, patient selection criteria, mounting and evaluation, recognition of anatomic landmarks and common radiographic findings and alternate imaging modalities. A laboratory component provides the student with the opportunity to learn and practice radiology skills on simulation manikins in preparation for operating competently in the clinic environment. PREREQUISITE(S): All first semester courses in the Dental Hygiene Program of Study CO-REQUISITE(S): DHG 100 - Theory and Practice of Dental Hygiene I DHG 111 - Dental Anatomy

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Last Updated: 03/01/2016