GLG 151 Physical Geology

Credits: 4.00

Physical Geology is a survey of the physical character of the earth. Topics of surficial geology to be examined include weathering and mechanisms of erosion: mass movement, streams, wind, glaciers, and waves. The internal character of the earth will be explored by studying heat flow, seismology, volcanism and plutonism, metamorphism, crustal deformation and plate tectonics. Though this course and GLG152 are designed to accommodate requirements of the prospective geology major, GLG 151 and GLG 152 should be considered by the student who needs two successive semesters of the same science for transfer purposes. This course meets General Education Core Goal 2: Analytic Skills; and Core Goal 8: Physical & Life Sciences This course is subject to a course fee. Refer to ees for current rates.

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Last Updated: 06/28/2016