MAT 011B Beginning Algebra W/Review of Arithmetic

Credits: 4.00

This is a first course in algebra with a significant review of arithmetic. The course reviews arithmetic operations with decimals and fractions, measurement and basic geometry. It introduces the beginning concepts of algebra through applications. Algebraic topics include signed numbers, algebraic terminology, basic operations on algebraic expressions and exponents, solution of linear equations and inequalities, simple factoring, algebraic fractions, quadratic equations, slope, graphs of linear and quadratic equations, and word problems. The course is appropriate for students with a weak math background and who need of a review of arithmetic. The TI-30X calculator is recommended for the course. This precollege level course cannot be used to fulfill a degree requirement nor is it calculated in a student's Grade Point Average (GPA); however, the credits billed will be applied towards a student's financial aid enrollment status and enrollment status reported to the National Student Clearinghouse.

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Last Updated: 03/01/2016