MAT 188 Calculus With a Review of Function I

Credits: 4.00

A course primarily designed for students who will major in mathematics, science, engineering, or business. The sequence of courses, MAT 188 and MAT 189, is designed for students who have a good background in functions and trigonometry. MAT 188 and MAT 189 cover similar topics as the sequence MAT 161, MAT 162, and MAT 190 but at a faster pace. Together with MAT 189 the course covers all of the material in MAT 190, Calculus I. MAT 188 covers inequalities, Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, basic trigonometry, Law of Sines and Cosines, limits, differentiation, integration, curve sketching and applications for polynomials and trigonometric functions. A graphing calculator is required for class, homework, and testing. Classroom instruction and programs will be presented using a TI-84 Plus. You must pass both MAT 188 and MAT 189 to transfer credits equivalent to Calculus I. You should not take MAT 188 unless you are planning on taking MAT 189 the next semester. This course in combination with MAT 189 meets General Education Core Goal 2: Analytic Skills; and Core Goal 3: Quantitative Skills.

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Last Updated: 03/01/2016