AST 121 Astrobiology

Credits: 3.00

Astrobiology uses a multidisciplinary and scientific approach to analyze and assess the theories regarding the evolution of life elsewhere in the universe. While strong emphasis is placed on the astronomical/astrophysical aspects of astrobiology, the course introduces, discusses, and integrates aspects from multiple disciplines (chemistry, biology, geology, and earth sciences) to achieve an overall understanding of the definition of life and evolution. A secondary focus of the course is to develop a firm understanding of the scientific method such that students who complete the course can appreciate the scientific process, build scientific reasoning skills that are applicable beyond this course, and develop basic laboratory skills. This course meets General Education Core Core Goal 2: Analytic Skills and Core Goal 8: Physical and Life Sciences. This course is subject to a course fee. Refer to ees for current rates.

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Last Updated: 06/28/2016