BIO 120H Concepts of Biology Honors

Credits: 4.00

A terminal lab-science for non-science majors who desire only one-semester of Biology. Topics include a discussion of the fundamentals and contemporary issues regarding biological chemistry, cell biology, genetics and the different forms of life. The material is discussed in the context of the principles of evolution and the biology of ecosystems. This course does not satisfy the prerequisites for BIO 131. This course meets General Education Core Goal 2: Analytic Skills; and Core Goal 8: Physical & Life Sciences. This course is subject to a course fee. Refer to ees for current rates. This Honors course fosters high-achieving students' growth towards learning outcomes such as: problem solving, often with creative approaches; critical reading or original data analysis; forming judgments based on evidence, often from integrative learning; oral presentation; and articulate reflection on personal growth. Honors courses are more likely to utilize student-driven active learning, emphasizing exploration and discovery, rather than the acquisition of specific knowledge; faculty might provide projects with no pre-determined conclusion, but with real-world application.

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Last Updated: 04/18/2017