ENG 102H English Composition II Honors

Credits: 3.00

ENG 102 focuses on writing the college-level research paper and develops each student's mastery of communication, information literacy, and analytic skills with emphasis placed on research and documentation methods. Students use writing, reading, listening, and observations skills to understand, organize, receive, and convey information. Using research gleaned from diverse sources, students employ logic, reasoning, and analysis to craft effective essays. This course meets General Education Core Goal 1a: Communication Skills: Writing; Core Goal 2: Analytic Skills; and Core Goal 5: Information Literacy (as part of a 2-course requirement). This Honors course fosters high-achieving students' growth towards learning outcomes such as: problem solving, often with creative approaches; critical reading; forming judgments based on evidence, often from integrative learning; clear, persuasive research writing; oral presentation; and articulate reflection on personal growth. Honors courses are more likely to utilize student-driven active learning, emphasizing exploration and discovery, rather than the acquisition of specific knowledge; faculty might provide projects with no pre-determined conclusion, but with real-world application.

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Last Updated: 04/18/2017