Sculpture II (ART 247)

Advanced problems in sculpture with emphasis on sophisticated conceptual investigation where specialization in ideas, directions, and techniques is encouraged. Selected areas including modeling, foundry, welding, carving and other forms of fabrication and forming may be developed in depth. This course is subject to a course fee.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
Any 3D Art Course (ART 140 3-D Design Principles, ART 141 3-D Design/Materials and Techniques, ART 143 Jewelry Design I, ART 145 Introductory Woodworking, ART 161 Ceramics I, ART 245 Sculpture: Clay Modeling, ART 246 Sculptural Fab & Mold Making, ART 261 Ceramics II, ART 262 Ceramics III, ART 265 Salt-Glazed Pottery, ART 266 Raku Pottery, ART 267 Kiln Building)
Term Location Sections Available
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