Computer Science I: Programming/Concept (CIS 111)

This course introduces students to fundamental techniques, concepts and vocabulary of procedural programming and computer science. Emphasis is placed on programming in a high-level computer language such as Java or C++. This is the first course for computer majors.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
ENG 010A - Basic Writing or ENG 011 - Basic Writing II or ESL 011 - Basic Writing II with a minimum grade of C
REA 011 - Fundamentals of College Reading or REA 017 - Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Development II with a minimum grade of C
MAT 011 - Beginning Algebra or MAT 011B - Beginning Algebra with Review of Aritmetic with a minimum grade of C
Term Location Sections Available
2018 Fall Semester - 10 Week Sections
Central Campus (Blue Bell)