Directing: Creating the World of the Stage (THA 205)

This course gives theatre artists the tools for moving a story from page to stage. Student directors will study an overview of the role of the director in theatre history, the skills required in analyzing a text for interpretation, and basic organization for creating a production. These skills will then be applied to scene-work (using student actors), as well as the conceptualization and presentation of a theatre piece. Students will be required to attend live theatre performances. This course is subject to a course fee.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
THA 105 - Introduction to Acting I: Improvisation and Fundamentals with minimum grades of C
THA 150 - Theatre Production Workshop I: Introduction to Stagecraft with minimum grades of C
THA 114 - Introduction to Theatre with minimum grade of C
Term Location Sections Available
2021 Spring Semester - 15 Week Sections