Bachelor's Degrees from Chestnut Hill College

Chestnut Hill College’s Accelerated Degree Program is designed for the adult learner. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services program prepares students for a career working in agencies and organizations such as schools, social service agencies, mental health centers, courts, crisis counseling centers, residential treatment facilities and hospitals that are dedicated to providing help for others. In these settings, human service professionals provide a broad range of services to individuals, families and groups including advocacy, case management, and networking. The comprehensive curriculum also prepares the student for continued graduate studies.

Area of Study Degree Campus
Arts & Humanities Liberal Studies, B.A West
Business Business Communications, B.S. West
Social Sciences Human Services, B.S. Central & West
Social Sciences Social Gerontology, B.S. Central & West

Master's Degree from Chestnut Hill College

The Master of Science Degree in Administration of Human Services is designed for individuals seeking leadership roles as administrators or directors in the field of Human Services. Students who graduate from this program will have solid grounding in the knowledge, values and skills appropriate for a broad range of health and human services agencies. The program encourages critical and creative thinking skills, which will enable the graduate to effectively bring about positive change in organizations. The Master of Science Degree in Administration of Human Services combines courses in management, public policy, and social issues to prepare adults for supervisory and leadership positions.

Area of Study Degree Campus
Social Sciences Administration of Human Services, M.S. West


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