An inside look at the police academy experience

Offered on an as-needed basis at Montco, the Pre-Academy Course of Instruction (PACI) prepares you in the physical fitness and academic areas of the Municipal Police Academy entrance exams. It addresses physical conditioning, reading comprehension, positive study habits, indoctrination to academy practices and realistic role-playing scenarios. The course consists of six (6) three-hour sessions for a six-week period.

Advantages to this course

  • Individual attention to physical fitness deficiencies. 
  • At least three separate opportunities to take and pass the pre-entrance physical fitness assessment at no cost.
  • No cost for initial or follow-up reading test.
  • The opportunity to take part in a realistic training scenario.
  • The opportunity to experience the academy environment before making the commitment to pay the regular academy tuition.
  • The guarantee of acceptance into an available academy class of your choice following successful completion of the psychological exam and personal interview (The academy class selected must begin less than six months after completion of pre-entrance testing).