The Office Assistant/Customer Service Specialist Certificate Program prepares students with the knowledge and skills that can adapt to just about any office environment or customer service setting in a variety of industries.

Program Description

Students will learn how to work as a professional team member managing office procedures such as planning meetings and records management. Students will learn the principles, practices, and tools needed to provide quality customer service. The 135-hour curriculum incorporates skills needed for the workplace such as goal setting, managing time, and problem solving. Customer service basics for a variety of industries will be covered. Sales skills will be included with an emphasis on effective communication and relationship selling. Business application software; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access; will be reviewed. The program provides hands-on training in Microsoft Word and how to utilize it an office environment for functions such as mail merge, charts, and graphics.

Program Goals

Students will be able to recommend ethical solutions to a variety of business and customer service problems. They will learn Microsoft Word software features that are commonly utilized in business environments.

Consideration for Industry Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have the opportunity to pursue the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam for Microsoft Word 2016.


Students who successfully complete the certificate will have the opportunity to receive prior learning credit towards the Office Administration Certificate credit program which articulates to the Management degree program.

Recognition of Completion

A certificate of program completion will be awarded by the College.