In this ever-changing world the demand for well-trained, organized and knowledgeable public safety and emergency response professionals remains high. To help current and would-be emergency workers succeed, Montco offers the Emergency Management and Planning associate degree program. 

Program outcomes
  • Explain the difference between “emergency planning” and “emergency management.”;
  • Describe the regulatory and intergovernmental framework of emergency management and planning;
  • Perform a variety of different roles and employ teamwork, team-building, and leadership skills in the context of incident management and planning exercises.
  • Explain how planning affects and facilitates preparedness;
  • Design an interactive planning process for companies and municipalities;
  • Explain and differentiate between the principles of “Incident Command” and “Unified Command";
  • Identify, evaluate, and respond to a range of specific hazardous conditions and scenarios in both individual and group exercises;
  • Design a safety plan;
  • Apply “all-hazards” planning methodology in preparing for mass casualty events, including acts of terrorism.

Our associate degree program complements degree and certificate programs in Criminal Justice, Municipal Police Training, Homeland Security, and Fire Science. It is accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and suited to current and would-be emergency services professionals.

Program Curriculum

General Education Requirements
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 or ENG 115 English Composition II or Writing for Technical Communication 3
MAT 160, MAT 130 or ACC 110 Mathematics Applications, Probability and Statistics or Business Mathematics 3 - 4
HIS 102 or HIS 205 History of Western Civilization or History of U.S. from 1877 3 - 4
Elective Scientific Reasoning Elective 3
Elective Aesthetic Sensibility Elective 3
Elective Oral Communication Elective 3
Major Requirements
CJS 250 Terrorism and Counterterrorism 3
EMP 100 Emergency Planning 3
EMP 110 Incident Management 3
EMP 120 Search and Rescue 3
EMP 200 Seminar in Emergency Management 1
EMP 210 Leadership and Influence in Emergency Response 3
EMP 265  Public Safety Technology 3
ESW 245 Safety and First Aid 3
FSC 100 Introduction to Fire Science 3
FSC 102 Hazardous Materials 3
FSC 103 or CJS 270 Fire Department Organization and Management or Polic Department Organization and Management 3
POL 124 American National Government 3
POL 125 or POL 231 State and Local Government or Public Policy Management 3
Elective Elective 3

Total Program Credits: 61-63

*See advisor for specific course information/recommendations.